Kanban task management, completely offline.

Benefit the independence from the Internet connection with a secure and reliable Windows desktop application.

You can also bring your tasks with you, on Android. Wi-Fi sync.

Kanban view

Clear kanban view, with customizable columns for the state of your tasks, and informative cards.


You can distinguish between projects and tasks, for example, and customize your own hierarchical levels. Control overall efforts and schedule.

Offline access

Independence from Internet connection. Fast, reliable, and secure access to your tasks.

Local data

No data over the Internet. You own your data, in a single file.

Viewer for Android

Bring your tasks with you on Android, offline. Wi-fi sync.

Customizable types

You can customize your own set of work item types.

Precise filtering

Visible items can be filtered using a powerful search syntax or visual composition. Create your own quick-access custom views.

No subscription

Do three years of subscription to an online service cost more than XPlan? Sure!

Give offline Kanban a try and discover its advantages.

XPlan screenshot

One-time licence

No subscriptions!
  • XPlan 2.X lifetime license
  • Minor (2.X) updates included
  • Email support
  • 15-day money-back guarantee

See Licence Agreement for further details.

NEW! XPlan 2.0

Vertical grouping (swimlanes)

Visual composition for filters

Improved custom views

Recurrent tasks

More compact and straightforward setup (SQL Server no more needed)

And more!

Read the quick insight on the new features…

Just try it!

See system requirements and Licence Agreement for further details.

Run xplan-setup-2.1.exe after the download.

The Quick Start Guide is available for instructions about download and installation.

If you purchase, you’ll just receive a license key and continue working with XPlan.

Android viewer available, for free

Stay informed with occasional updates.