What is Kanban?

Kanban is a workflow management system, born to improve manufacturing efficiency, developed by Taiichi Ohno, at Toyota. With time, Kanban has more and more become also a presentation mode for productivity tools. In the productivity context, Kanban has the meaning of a graphical representation of tasks as cards, … Read more

Why Is a Windows Task Manager Needed?

Web apps can be a good choice for many, especially for those who run most of their organization on a smartphone, or a tablet. No doubts about that and no need to change your mind if you’re already fine with those tools. But a lot of people, or … Read more

Why a Task Manager

When the number of things to do increases, you may find your mind cogged with the necessity of not forgetting or not losing the big picture of a multitude of tasks. That feeds distraction, anxiety, and, of course, errors. The same way you keep a grocery list, a … Read more

What Exactly Is XPlan?

XPlan is a personal task manager, so a software application that helps to keep track of tasks. Read more about what a task manager is here. Currently, XPlan focuses on the needs of individuals, both for private and professional needs, but features for teams will be added in … Read more

What Is a Task Manager?

In the productivity and planning context, a task manager is a software that helps to manage tasks, where managing means – at least – storing, prioritizing, and tracking the status of any to-do item. As an example, writing an article is a task. Of course, a task may … Read more