How to Create a Backup of XPlan Data

It couldn't be easier.

XPlan data are stored in a single file. On your PC.

It couldn’t be simpler than that.

However, the problem with backups is having a reliable backup system that allows a consistent schedule with your minimum intervention. Else, you can just end up with no backup, however simple it can theoretically be.

Let’s see.

Where are the data?

By default, XPlan data are stored in


If you already backup your user folder, you’re already done. If not, it’s a good idea to move XPlan data to a folder that you regularly backup.

Suppose that your data are usually stored in c:\Data, you can create a subdirectory in it, and just ask XPlan to move its database in it, with the dedicated button in the options.

XPlan options

Creating the backup

If you already have your reliable system for backups, you can go with it, of course. Else, a smart option on Windows is the robocopy command, in the Command Prompt.

Just open the Command Prompt from Start, and type the command line (robocopy plus all the needed options that we’ll soon see).

robocopy command

The best part of robocopy is that it doesn’t copy all the files, but only what’s changed, and it deletes what’s been deleted. It efficiently creates a mirror of your source folder.

So, you can create a batch file (just create a text file with notepad, anywhere, with the .bat extension, and Windows will execute the commands in it when the file is double-clicked) with the following two lines inside:

robocopy "c:\my folder" "d:\my folder copy" /mir /dst /ndl /ns /nc /im pause

You launch your backup just by double-clicking on your batch file.

More on a robocopy backup here.

XPlan automatic backup

XPlan can also make automatic safety copies of your data by activating automatic backup in the options (not active, by default). It doesn’t replace a proper backup, but it’s an advisable option.

The safety copies are made – at XPlan start – in the same folder of XPlan data, with a date and hour suffix in the name. Files older than 15 days are deleted.

USB drive letters

In the case of USB backups, you might have the problem of a variable drive letter for the same device. It usually happens when you handle multiple USB devices.

If the problem is annoying for you, you could consider an alternative way of launching the robocopy command here.

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