Meet Offline Task Management

Benefit the full power of offline tools.

With the release of Android Viewer, XPlan made a significant step further in the direction of offline task management.

The need for ubiquity may sometimes override the benefits of offline software. Bringing tasks around may be particularly useful for someone.

That’s usually solved by cloud solutions, where your data resides on the Internet and are then synchronized back and forth with your devices.

But those solutions may also come with disadvantages for you.

The first one, of course, is the dependency from the Internet connection. Often, no connection means no access to your data. And when offline capabilities are truly there, syncing capabilities are inevitably gone.

The second issue is that your data are practically in the hands of the service provider. Even if you trust that nothing will go wrong, you might be concerned about your data traveling over the Internet or being stored outside your control.

Finally, there’s the pricing. Tools that are not basic – in the task management field – often come with a subscription model. Your monthly fee may be reasonable, but it amounts to something, with time, and you can’t stop paying, or you have to stop using the tool. Desktop tools often come with a one-time purchase, with no limitations.

Unless online access is an absolute priority for you, offline task management can be a solid option.

XPlan comes precisely to offer that opportunity.

Not only you can manage your tasks in Windows, but you can now also bring those tasks with you on Android. With Wi-Fi sync.

The Wi-Fi sync is something we love so much. You own your data, you can always access your data, and no data travels over the Internet. Why not?

That’s the direction that we see for the further development of XPlan. The cloud as an option is not excluded, but total offline – mobile devices included – is a priority for us.

We want to give you total control over your data and the full power of offline tools.