XPlan Quick Start

Getting XPlan up and running. Download, installation, and first start.

XPlan is a personal task manager for Windows. This means that it will help you manage your projects and tasks.

We will see here all the steps for getting XPlan installed and running.


XPlan setup can be downloaded from the download page (or from the home or pricing pages of XPlan). Since it’s an executable, the browser could warn you. If you’re downloading from the XPlan website, please confirm the possible warning. The type of the warning and the confirmation mode depend on the browser. The following is an example in the case of Microsoft Edge:

download warning
keep download


You need admin rights to proceed to install. Afterward, they’re not necessary for the usage, but they’re still necessary for a possible upgrade.

After the download, go to the download folder and double-click on the setup (or run the setup file directly from the message of the browser window).

download finished

The setup procedure will start.

installation start

Just confirm with Next the few passages and XPlan will be automatically installed on your machine.

XPlan needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 (or newer). This component is usually already installed on your PC. If not, XPlan will automatically warn you and propose its installation (anyway also available on the Microsoft website).

At the end of the installation procedure, you should have an XPlan icon on the desktop (and in the Start menu). Just double-click on it for the very first start.

installation finished

Ready for usage

XPlan is now ready for usage.

If not already started, by double-clicking on its icon, XPlan will, after a short delay, show its main window. From there, you can immediately start adding tasks.

Plan main window

XPlan comes with a default configuration of types and columns. You can, of course, customize them according to your needs.

In the XPlan overview, you can get a picture of the key concepts and the customization possibilities.

Evaluation and license

When newly installed, XPlan is in evaluation mode. You have 15 days for your free evaluation. To continue using XPlan after the evaluation period and beyond the items limit, you need to purchase a license. You’ll receive a license key and you’ll just need to enter it in the About window (Add license button).

about window


Periodically, XPlan checks for online upgrades. However, it never upgrades itself automatically. It always prompts the user for possible upgrades and asks for confirmation about the user’s intentions.

Your firewall may detect this upgrade check as suspect, as it’s seen as an access to the Internet by an unknown application, thus warning you. Just confirm the exception, or add it according to the instructions of your firewall.

XPlan never stores or sends on the Internet, XPlan website included, any personal information.


You’re now ready to start working with XPlan.

The help integrated into the application and the XPlan guides will provide more details.

For any doubt or question, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@xplan-taskmanager.com.