Using XPlan and Evernote in Combo

While a task manager is an excellent tool for your productivity, it’s usually not the best tool for reference notes, or casual note-taking.

Using two tools in combo is often necessary, and can be an excellent solution.

XPlan and Evernote, together, are a great combo, with complete coverage of your productivity needs. I personally use it daily.

Broadly speaking, XPlan is focused on task management, so it’s about everything actionable or aimed to group and manage tasks. Anything else, of course except files, can find home in Evernote.

In particular, Evernote allows you to organize notes in notebooks, and to tag them, offering great flexibility. Drafts, ideas, reference notes, and so on.

Notebooks can be especially useful to exploit the combination of the two different tools fully. Let’s see.

XPlan is designed for Windows, because many users prefer a desktop tool, and it works offline. It can be great for several reasons, but some tasks require you to access them when you’re not at your PC. So, you can, for example, create two extra notebooks in Evernote.

One notebook, Errands, will be for… errands. All tasks about errands will go in this notebook, instead of XPlan. If you have Evernote Premium, you’ll have off-line access to your notebooks too, especially useful when you’re in stores or other places with no connection. Using tags, you can also categorize the different types of errands, or contexts.

The second notebook, XPlan, will act as a cache. A few tasks from XPlan – likely those you’re working on – can have a duplicate here. The benefit is that you can add attachments and any extra or formatted content to them, and have them available on the road, or in meetings.

Of course, you can tune and expand this setup as much as you want.