Why Is a Windows Task Manager Needed?

Web apps can be a good choice for many, especially for those who run most of their organization on a smartphone, or a tablet. No doubts about that and no need to change your mind if you’re already fine with those tools.

But a lot of people, or companies, have good reasons for preferring a Windows application.

I’ve created XPlan because I’m one of them.

Windows is here to stay

According to Net Market Share, Windows detains a pretty stable >85% share of the desktop/laptop operating systems market. Still beyond 35% if you include all of the operating systems on any device, smartphones included. You may love Windows or not, but these are the numbers of a well alive platform, and Windows 10 is certainly confirming it.

That said, when deciding to start the XPlan journey I had in mind at least five reasons why a Windows task manager was needed.

Local data

Many individuals, and companies, still prefer to keep their confidential data locale. The cloud offers many secure solutions but owning your data in your PC or server can indeed be reassuring in many situations, especially for those with a hybrid approach to IT.

If nothing, having your data in a single file or database allows you direct access to your raw data, just in case, or for special integration reasons.

Independence from the Internet connection

We usually take an Internet connection for granted, but it is still an unreliable resource in many contexts. Not all live in always-connected areas. Or they travel often and need to rely on the local data on their laptop. Or they have a slow shared connection. Or just the Internet connection can vanish the moment you most need it (and it’s much more likely than a PC failure). Or, for some more or less obscure technical reason, you can’t reach your application provider.

Relying on the Internet connection (and the vast majority of the cloud solutions don’t offer a locally synced client) for their task management may not be acceptable for some users.


You may have a fast and reliable Internet connection, but a Web application can hardly have the quickness of a desktop application. Data have to travel. Commands have to travel. Even interfaces have to travel. There’s always some latency, with a Web application, and that latency is usually much greater than that of a desktop application. One second may not seem much. But many one-second may add up to something, or just break the flow of your work.


Windows applications also have a further advantage. They are much easier to implement than Web applications, especially when the features set and the interface details become rich. A complex and rich Web app is certainly possible, but it requires large teams.

From a user perspective a Windows app can often give more features, and faster improvements, at a lower price and possibly no subscription fees.


Finally, it would be a good idea to integrate task management with local documents or other Windows apps, like we have in mind with XPlan. That would certainly be hard, or even not possible, for a Web app.


A task manager for Windows can be a reliable and secure solution for many, especially when the Internet connection is not granted, or expensive subscription fees are not desired.

XPlan is not intended for replacing your favorite cloud app. But many people can greatly benefit from a Windows task manager, for one or more reasons. XPlan is just here for them.