Why Is a Windows Task Manager Needed?

An offline Kanban on Windows may be the perfect fit for you.

Web apps can be a good choice for many, especially for those who run most of their organization on a smartphone, or a tablet. No doubts about that and no need to change your mind if you’re already fine with those tools.

But a lot of people, or companies, have good reasons for preferring an offline Windows Kanban.

Windows is here to stay

According to Net Market Share, Windows detains a pretty stable >85% share of the desktop/laptop operating systems market. Still beyond 35% if you include all of the operating systems on any device, smartphones included. You may love Windows or not, but these are the numbers of a well alive platform, and Windows 10 is certainly confirming it.

Most companies use and will continue to use Windows, and the same is true for individuals. But, since most software manufacturers are focused on online services, also because of the profitable subscription model, the offer of true Windows apps for Kanban workflow management is poor. And that’s why XPlan is now here.

The advantages of the offline

The advantages of a disconnected application are many and not all obvious:

  • Independence from the Internet connection. Offline availability is an advantage – or even a requirement – in many contexts. Don’t forget the unexpected too.
  • Privacy, security, safety. Not only your confidential data are kept away from the cloud, but you have full control over your backup and the availability of your data indefinitely.
  • Efficiency. This is often an undervalued benefit. Desktop apps are usually faster than Web apps. Speed doesn’t seem important but delays add up and have an impact on your productivity and your focus.
  • Cost. The development of desktop applications has lower costs, so they usually provide more features at a lower price. The subscription fees of nontrivial Web apps are usually not cheap.

More on the advantages of a desktop Kanban here.

Wi-Fi sync

Offline doesn’t mean desktop only. Why not consider Wi-Fi sync with your mobile device?

Wi-Fi sync means not only that your data are always stored offline, but also that they never travel over the Internet. And you don’t need Internet to sync.

XPlan offers a viewer for Android. Not a full read/write app, for now, but it allows Wi-Fi sync and offline access when you’re away from your PC.

XPlan is not intended for replacing your favorite cloud app. But a desktop task manager can be a reliable and secure solution for many, especially when the Internet connection is not granted, or expensive subscription fees are not desired. XPlan is just here for them.