XPlan Reader for Android Now Released

Bring your tasks with you, offline.

Offline task management has several advantages and XPlan is born for people who primarily manage their tasks at their PC.

Still we sometimes have the need of bringing our tasks with us. Maybe a quick meeting or errands.

XPlan Reader for Android is now here to address exactly that need.

But things don’t stop here.

Total independence from the Internet

In designing a mobile solution, we were perfectly aware of the advantages of an offline solution. And we wanted it to be entirely offline.

Even when apps have offline access, they usually synchronize the data over the Internet. You logged in somewhere and your data actually are on the Internet, and travel over it.

Why not letting you own your data? Why not synchronizing the mobile app via Wi-Fi?

Well, we designed exactly that.

Offline data. Offline access. Offline synchronization.

This is not for everyone, of course. Cloud solutions still have advantages in some cases. But for personal use, and when data are mainly managed on the PC, an entirely offline solution is what you need.

Ownership of data. No subscription. Total privacy. Total independence from the absence of connection. Speed.

Here comes XPlan Reader for Android

So, the reader app, companion of XPlan desktop, is now here.

Wi-Fi synchronization of your XPlan data and offline access.

Actually, the reader currently comes with a few limitations.

The most important is the read-only mode.

Of course, we have a full app in mind for the future, but a reader already covers most of the mobile needs. If you are used to manage your tasks on your PC, chances are that you just need to have them with you on some occasions only.

I personally have a couple of custom views for my errands, for example, and that’s all I need when I do shopping. Apart from a big-hearted credit card, but that’s another problem, that XPlan can’t solve.

Then, a Kanban view is not available and your tasks are displayed in the form of a list. Honestly, we think this is better on a smatphone. We plan to add Kanban view on tablets.

Finally, some fields are not handled, like dates. We’re working on it, like on many other novelties (yes, iOS in the roadmap too).

But you can now bring your tasks with you, at least on Android, and that was a priority.

Did I mention that XPlan Reader for Android is free? Oops. It is.

Get started with the Quick Start Guide.