XPlan Reader Quick Start

Getting XPlan Reader for Android up and running. Installation and first start.

XPlan Reader for Android is a companion application for XPlan desktop intended to let you bring your XPlan tasks with you.

XPlan Reader is a read-only application, and XPlan data are synchronized between XPlan desktop and XPlan Android via Wi-Fi. After synchronization, you can access XPlan data on your Android device offline. No data travels over the Internet.


XPlan Reader for Android can be easily found and installed on Google Play, like any other Android application.

At the first run, you’ll have to accept the terms and you’ll be prompted with a quick tip for getting started.


No data can be transferred to XPlan Reader before the pairing procedure. Pairing starts automatically when no pairing has been done before.

Pairing needs an XPlan desktop running on the same Wi-Fi network of your Android device.

As soon as XPlan desktop and XPlan Reader are both running on the same Wi-Fi network, XPlan desktop will display a pairing pin. XPlan Reader will prompt for its input. After manually inputting the pairing pin on XPlan Reader, XPlan Reader starts synchronization.

XPlan Reader pairing

You can afterward run the synchronization again anytime from the menu of XPlan Reader. No synchronization is automatically done.

If you afterward want to connect XPlan Reader to a different XPlan desktop, you must request the pairing reset in the settings of XPlan Reader.

Using XPlan Reader

Using XPlan Reader is completely intuitive. Anyway, because of the read-only mode, you don’t risk deleting or overwriting anything.

XPlan reader has a few limitations compared to XPlan desktop. One is that tasks are presented as a list, instead of a Kanban board, and the other one is that some fields may not be available.

XPlan Reader main page

Preset views are accessible by the hamburger menu, or swiping from the left border of the screen the to the right. The views based on fields not managed by XPlan Reader won’t be available.

XPlan Reader menu

You can use plain search or an expression, exactly like you do on XPlan desktop.

XPlan Reader search

For any doubt or question, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@xplan-taskmanager.com.